Morana M. Stipisic

In my lengthy career as a professor of Urban Design at Columbia University in New York City and an Urban Resilience Consultant for the United Nations, I have traveled extensively - most of times via intercontinental flights with a task to speak at conferences, to take part in international meetings while designing new cities and improving the existing ones, or to guide my students in research-based urban design.

I am married to an American of Croatian descent. My husband is also an avid explorer, so when we travel together it is always adventurous and almost never local. Our young daughter loves to join us in discovering the world around us as well.

However, when I wish to relax and do something for myself, I prefer to go apple-picking at the nearest orchard, or to visit a farm to get fresh produce first hand. Recently, during one of our lengthy lock-down over-the-phone conversations, I told Mislav how much I desire to go mushroom and chestnut picking in the forest, and the next thing you know: it is one of the activities on CꙪR’s ‘menu’. I said how nice it would be to visit the Croatian island of Pag and learn about salt harvesting. Again: one of the programs available at CꙪR.

Times are tough. Though when you still wish to travel safely, let CꙪR take you to your next destination. If you desire to explore a new location, let CꙪR lead you there. When you need to acquire a new skill or learn how our grandparents did it, let CꙪR and its team of experts teach you how to do it. And if you simply wish to document action in the field, let CꙪR’s virtuoso teach you how to shoot photos like a pro. All within a safe circle of friends - old and new - let CꙪR lead the way.

Should you simply like to forest-bathe, sea-bath or sun-bath, CꙪR’s wellbeing experts will take care of you. Simply choose one of CꙪR’s many activities, put yourself in the trustworthy hands of Mislav Veselica, the founder and CEO of CꙪR, & his Creative Council, and nothing but pure bliss is to be expected from that traveling experience. Let CꙪR be your guide.